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Outside all Day!

What makes working at camp so fun?! You get to literally be outside on a hot summer’s day and going swimming everyday. Can’t beat that.

Guy Counselor

God is our True Father

This past summer, I had a camper whose dad wasn’t in the picture and that was really hard for her because she felt unwanted and had a lot of unanswered questions. While we were talking, I explained to her that God is our True Father and He loves her and wants her. Later that week, she received Jesus into her life because she saw how much He loved her.

Girl Counselor

Loved By God

My life has been transformed because I have learned that I am fully loved by God and I have such a good community of people around me. My problems are not a burden to my staff friends. They want to help me, love me and support me through every problem that I face. Best of all, they direct me towards Jesus. The community at camp has been absolutely life changing.

Girl CIT

Best Friends

Meeting some of my best friends in the world, and having real conversations with them about life, faith, and everything in-between!

Guy Counselor