Go Karts


Drivers     …     START     YOUR     ENGINES!

Get ready to speed around a dirt track and experience the wind rushing through your hair (under your helmet) and the ground racing under your feet, safely strapped into your go kart.

This activity is available for all camps except Primary. 


Check out one of the Go Kart Rules Videos that our Staff made!


Go     Kart     Rides     with     Cabin

Everyone at camp will have the opportunity to ride the go karts at least once during their week for $5. This fee will be paid using the camper’s spending money. (not offered during Primary camp).


Go    Kart    Klub

For those campers who are interested in more intense and extended Go Kart riding, we offer Go Kart Klub during all camps except Primary. Go Kart Klub meets twice a week for one hour, and it only costs $45 (non-refundable).

The Go Kart Pit Krew will provide instruction for the operation of go karts, safety and driving. Each camper is able to drive for approximately 20 min and then be a passenger while a friend drives. 

Indicate your interest in the Go Kart Klub on the Registration Form. Space is limited and campers are enrolled in the klub according to the date klub fee ($45) is received.

Attention Jr. High 2 & 4 Campers: Club attendance may be affected by participation in the One-Day Raft trip.