Are you ready for an exciting and adrenaline pumping activity?

This activity is offered at our Jr. High and Sr. High Camps & there are two ways to enjoy playing paintball.


Afternoon Cabin Activity

If desired, campers in Jr. High and JR/SR Super Camp will have the opportunity to play paintball at least once during the week at camp for $5. This fee can be paid using the camper’s spending money.


Paintball Club

Campers who are interested in having extended playing time, we offer Paintball Club during Jr. High & Sr. High Camps.  Paintball Club meets twice a week for one hour games. The club only costs $45 (non-refundable fee).

Paintball club provides longer session times, a variety of games, and additional paintballs. All equipment will be provided for the participation in this club. Indicate your interest in the Paintball Club on the Registration Form. Space is limited and campers are enrolled in the club according to the date that the club fee ($45) is received.

Attention Jr. High 2 & Jr. High 4 Campers: Club attendance may be affected by participation in the One-Day Raft trip.