Reference Forms

Reference Forms help us get to know you better!

Find 3 people to give us their thoughts on how you could make Trout Creek better by working here!


Pastor / Youth Pastor Reference Form

Give this one to your youth pastor or to someone else in full-time Christian service in your church that can speak to your spiritual life.


Teacher Reference Form

Give this one to a high school teacher, college professor, or other faculty member who knows you well. If you are home-schooled, please use another teacher rather than your parent(s).


Employer / Supervisor Reference Form

Give this one to a recent employer or to someone who has been in a supervisory position over you. If you have never had a formal job, ask someone who you have babysat for, done year work for, etc.

Please Note: If you are are related to the applicantĀ please do not fill out any of these forms.