The Lodge is our dining facility, capable of feeding approximately 250 people in one sitting. Walking in, you will find a real camp atmosphere with wildlife mounted all around, wagon wheel lights above, and a large stone fireplace up front.




With a capacity to seat 400, the Chapel is a great meeting place for your indoor activities. The chapel is equipped with a portable sound system and projection capabilities to accommodate many different needs. If you are looking for a cozy atmosphere, there are four meeting rooms in the back of the Chapel that are perfect for small group gatherings. There is a fireplace in each of these rooms.


Mosey on up to the corral and find the barn surrounded by the feeding pastures. The corral is a fantastic place to go sit on the fence and shoot the breeze.


The gym is a huge recreation facility that is home to our rock climbing walls, carpet ball tables, volleyball and full size basketball court, as well as a game room upstairs. With a versatile asphalt surface, the gym is capable of accommodating many different games and activities.

Game Room

Above the gym lobby, the game room provides a great place to hang out and play games. With foosball, air hockey, pool and ping pong, you will be sure to find a game to enjoy.

Playing Field

The playing field is a wide-open space with a wealth of hearty turf, located in between the gym and chapel. With plenty of room to run, the field is ideal for outdoor activities and group games.

Central Cabins

Located in the central area of the camp, each of these 10 cabins has sleeping for 8-12 people. With lights and heat, these 320 sq. ft. cabins provide comfortable accommodations throughout the year.

Cabin Circle

Slightly larger than the Central Cabins, these 10 cabins are arranged in a circular formation just west of the central camp area. These cabins sleep up to 14 people. In addition to lights and heat, some of these cabins have been remodeled to include covered porches and skylights to let in natural light.

Guest Cabin

One of our nicer cabins, it is great for special guests and speakers. This cabin comes with a small living room, a bathroom, and a bedroom with a king bed. It is carpeted and has a homey feel to it.

New Cabins

Recently built, these 12 beautiful cabins are conveniently located near the center of camp. They feature open beam construction, gable windows, gas heat, sleeping for 12 on comfy bunks, and a covered porch. They offer a very inviting, comfortable atmosphere for sleeping and just hanging out.

Nurse’s Cabin

With its own bathroom, the nurses cabin is a great spot for speakers or leaders. The nurses cabin comes with a bedroom which has a queen bed, a bathroom, and a front room that has a futon bunk. This cabin also has a fridge and microwave for late night snack needs.

Wagon Circle

Nearly 150 years ago, settlers came to the Oregon Country in Conestoga Wagons. At Trout Creek, groups can relive those early days by sleeping in one of the ten full-size reproductions of the original wagons. Each wagon has nine built-in bunks and storage. The wagons are a great addition for any group, and are available from May to September.

Bathroom Facilities

Located in strategic areas throughout the camp, the separate bathroom facilities include showers and dressing areas. The bathrooms are clean, heated and have tile floors for comfortable use.

The Raz

The Raz is a great place to hang out and watch the creek as the water drifts by. It is a great place for Bible Study, small group meetings, fellowshipping, and just hanging out in the out of doors.

Pool Patio

The pool patio is a great place to be on warm spring and fall days. The patio has round tables that are ideal for playing games, talking with friends, or just sitting and enjoying the day.


As the day turns to dusk and the sun begins to set, fireside is a great place to end the day with skits, songs, and a time of fun and reflection. This outdoor area has bench seating for up to 300 in an ampatheater style facing the fire pit. This is a great way to spend quality time together as a group.

Tree House

The Tree House is a great look out spot for a bird’s eye view over camp. During the summer, campers can enjoy an overnight adventure in the two-story Tree House, which sleeps up to 14 people.

Swimming Pools