Summer Staff Cabins

Update- Staff Cabins – Winter 2018

Things are progressing in the process of building new staff cabins and support buildings. Preliminary work was done this spring on sanitation preparation. Land survey work is currently underway. Next we need to secure zoning permits for land-use, then get final sanitation design and approval. Following that , building permits will need to be secured. All this will take some time and money, but we continue to progress and wait on the Lord for His timing. We are anxious to actually begin construction, but recognize everything takes time. We are hoping to begin the first part of the project by building a new nurse’s cabin, new laundry facilities, and a new program office. Following that work will begin on new staff/guest cabins. Of course, we would love your continued support through prayers and financial help.

  • We are hoping to secure all the necessary permits and break ground in the fall of 2018 after the summer camping session.
  • We are applying for grants and asking for money from our many supporters.


Update – New Staff Cabins – Fall 2014

The process has begun! We are starting to acquire permits so that we can move forward with plans for the replacement of our staff cabins. As well stating the process of fundraising for the new cabins.

13 Cabins Complete!!! –  Spring 2014

The girls cabin circle is completed! Praise the LORD for His faithfulness throughout the entire process, we now have a total of thirteen new cabins that are all ready for the summer!

Update-New Girls Cabins – October 2013

Over the past few months the girls cabin circle has turned back into a construction zone. In August three original girl cabins were taken out in order to make room for five new cabins to be built. With September the pouring of concrete foundation and the framing. The building process has had a few interruptions from the early arrival of the rain fall. Regardless the process is moving along well and the five cabins are all framed and are in the process of getting siding, windows, roof and electrical. All of the cabins should be in the dry by the end of the month.

Update-New Girls Cabins – January 2013

The eight cabins have all been passed inspection! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and provision throughout the entire process! Bunk beds are in the cabins and will be assembled over the next few weeks.

Update – New Girls Cabins – October 2012

Here is the latest update for the new cabins for the girls:

Demo for the girls cabins took place during the last weeks of August, seven cabins were taken down as well as numerous trees. The cabins were carefully taken down so that we could salvage and re purpose as much wood as possible.

Once September hit the construction site was hustling and bustling with various people coming and going. From the cement guys to the workers building the frames for the cabins.

It is amazing that by mid-October, all eight cabins were in the dry! All of the cabins have windows, doors and roofs installed! The electrical stage is well underway and a majority of the cabins have power.

Throughout this building process, God has blessed the building process is so many ways! He has provided the people and weather to allow the building process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Update-New Girls Cabins – June 2012

Here is the latest update on the new cabins for the girls:


We were making our way through some delays in the permit process up
until March of 2012. That is when we were able to finish up the details on the
application and submit it to the Multnomah County Zoning. They (zoning) came
out and did a site visit in April and indicated that there would probably be a
determination made sometime in June. So, at this point we are looking for a response
from the County and approval to build the 13 new girls cabins. Once we have
received permission from the County Zoning, we will then move to securing
permission from the City of Gresham for our building permits. Hopefully that
will all happen this summer.


Our plan is to start breaking ground in September with demolition
of the old cabins and excavation for the new cabins.

In regards to workdays, we will be sending out an updated schedule
of when workdays are planned for the fall of 2012.


In regards to the funding for the cabins, here is the latest information.

The entire project is expected to cost about $540,000.  That is a lot of money, but God is faithful
to provide…and has already begun to meet our needs in two specific ways:

First, through a very generous grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, we were awarded a total
of $207,000 for this project.  The first $107,000 is an outright gift from the Trust to begin construction.  The remaining $100,000 is a top off grant, dependent on the camp raising $100,000 by March 31, 2013.  In other words, if we can raise $100,000, the Murdock Trust will “top off”  our project awarding us a grant total of $207,000.

Second, God’s people have faithfully been giving to the project for the past few years, helping the camp reach our goal of building the cabins completely debt-free.

The great news is that through the grant money given by the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust and the money already given by our faithful supporters & friends, we have a total of $504,000 for this project!

We only have $35,000 left to raise to be completely funded!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

Update – New Girls Cabins – February 2011

Right now we are in a waiting mode as we working on securing land use and building permits.

We are also waiting to hear from the Murdock Charitable Trust in regards to our application for funding support of the new girls cabins. We should know something by late February.

We will keep you updated as we move forward with this project. At this point it looks like we will probably be doing new construction in the fall of 2011 because our window of opportunity for spring construction is closing quickly.

Thank you for your support and please continue to pray for the Lord’s timing and provision.

12 Cabins Completed… Spring 2010!

Phase three of the New Camper Housing Project is completed, giving us 12 new cabins for use by guy campers and staff during the summer and guest groups during the shoulder season. We are so humbled by God’s goodness throughout the entire project in providing absolutely everything we needed. From money, to permits, to skilled workers, to safety, God faithfully walked with us in every step.

So, what’s next? More cabins believe it or not! Although the highest priority was getting the guy campers out of the wagons and into better accommodations, we are still in need of better, more updated housing for the girl campers. The entire project of replacing all wagons and cabins is nearly 40% done. We have started the process of obtaining permits to replace the final 20 cabins and are excited to get started soon.

Please continue to pray for us as we work through the permit process, seek additional funds through grants, and make preparations to begin construction.

If you would like to help with this part of the project through volunteering your skills or contributing to the cost, please contact the camp office.

More Progress… Fall 2009!

October 2009October 2009

Second Phase Complete… Summer 2009!


We have another 4 cabins completed for a total of 8 new cabins!!! The campers love them and they are working so well for us. A big thanks to all the volunteers who spent many hours to help build these new cabins.

We’ll keep you updated on Phase 3 as we are just now starting to get the building permits. Lord willing we will be pouring concrete this fall. Stay tuned for future details.

Second Phase of Cabins Continue… Spring 2009!

April 24, 2009

We want to thank everyone who was able to help out this spring with the new cabin construction workdays. We are so thankful to have the cabins in the dry, roofing on, windows installed, and ready for “inside” work now.

We couldn’t have done it without you!!! God bless you for your devotion and commitment to Trout Creek. Thank you for your hard work, humor, willingness, joy, and expertise in this phase of our building project.

Thanks especially to the most recent workers from the April 18 workday: Dave, Vance, Spencer, Dave, Walt, Tim, Troy, Clark, Dave, and Dan.

We’ll keep you updated on the continuing progress and let you know of any more help we might need on the cabins.

First Phase of Cabins Completed in 2008!

Yes, we have actually completed the first four cabins and they do look nice! Many thanks to the many generous people who have financially supported this project from the the beginning, the many volunteers who helped with the construction, and of course, to our Lord who had blessed this project immensely! What a tremendous joy it is to see the first phase completed and to actually have campers using them and sleeping in them this summer!

Also, a big thanks to our Facilities Manager, Evan Schrenk, who worked steadily and diligently with volunteers and contractors to get this phase completed.

And this is only the first part of the entire New Camper Housing project. Our goal is to build 32 new cabins to replace all of our current housing and with God’s continued blessing, we will move forward in the days ahead.

Photos of Phase 1 Cabins and Construction!

To see completed cabins or the construction please view the pictures below.

CompletedCompleted!!! ConstructionGround Breaking to Almost Complete

Project Description

Due to the age of the existing camper housing, the Board of Directors of Trout Creek Bible Camp, with God’s leadership, have determined that a project must now begin to replace the old camper housing (including cabins and wagons) with new, more modern housing. This update is necessary for the continued use and growth of the camp, as well as providing safer and more secure facilities for the summer campers. The new cabins will have improved structural integrity, better roofing (to withstand the harsh winters), insulation and heating (for year-round use), as well as better sleeping accommodations

New Cabins?

For 65 years, campers have been coming to Trout Creek and staying in pretty much the same facilities every year. As you can see, these facilities are showing the wear and tear of 65 years of use. It is time to build new housing for the campers in the form of new cabins.

skylight wagon tarp

One reason for building new cabins is our desire to honor God. We want to give our very best for His honor and glory, and when we have been given the opportunity to make something better, we want to do that for Him.

We also want to make sure that parents are comfortable with where their children are going to be staying. The main concern for parents as they bring their children to camp is their camper’s comfort and safety. Although our current cabins are safe and secure, we know we can increase their level of security and comfort by building more modern housing, thus increasing the parent’s confidence that their children will be well taken care of.

New Cabin Details

cabin side elevation

Due to the age of the existing camper housing, the Board of Directors has decided that there is a need for new, updated camper housing for both boys and girls.

front and back elevation

Over the next few years, the desire is to build 32 new cabins, replacing the existing cabins and covered wagons. The cost for these cabins is estimated at $40,000 each, for a project total of ~$1,280,000.

cabin plan view

Cabin Highlights:

  • Covered porch
  • Metal roofing
  • Seven windows
  • Sleeps 14
  • Gable shingles
  • Propane furnace
  • Vaulted ceiling
  • Hardiplank siding
  • Log bunk beds
  • Gable windows

Consider This

Think about something for a minute: What if the previous generations had not followed God’s lead to build Trout Creek Bible Camp? What if they had not sacrificed of their time, money, and resources to make sure that Trout Creek existed? Your children and grandchildren would not be able to enjoy the blessings that camp affords them today. Now think of what will happen to the next generation of children if we decide that we cannot sacrifice the time and money today to build a better camp for them in the future.

If you want to help build for the future of Trout Creek, contact the camp office for the ways in which you can help.