Summer Ministry Opportunities

You are invited to invest your summer at Trout Creek, in order to experience the opportunity of a lifetime! There are many different areas of service available for you to put your skills and gifts to good use, serving Jesus.

Please click on the application and fill out online* or print and fill out with a pen. The application can be emailed, faxed or mailed to TCBC.


2017 Summer Staff Applications Coming Soon!

Reference Forms:

The reference form can be filled out online and emailed, faxed or mailed to TCBC. The forms can be filled out by selecting the appropriate form under reference form.

    • Helping kids discover the true love of Christ
    • A chance to find and use your spiritual gifts
    • Guaranteed eternal rewards
    • Friendships that last a lifetime
    • A lifetime of memories


    • Sold out to the Lord Jesus
    • Daily spend time in the word of God
    • Have a love for kids
    • Willing to be used by God
    • Ready for a summer full of fun and adventure



Counselor Positions

Supervise cabin groups and lead a daily Bible Study. (Completed High School)

CIT Positions

Assist counselor with cabin groups and help work daily activities. (Completed 10th grade)

Crew Positions

Washing, cleaning and maintaining camp facilities. (Completed 9th grade)

Counselor Deans

Supervise & Disciple Counselors. (College Age)

CIT Deans

Supervise & Disciple CIT’s. (College Age)

Crew Leaders

Supervise Crew members, Organize daily schedule, lead Bible Study (College Age)

Go Kart Pit Krew

Teach and supervise kids how to safely ride and operate  a Go Kart. (Completed 10th grade)

Craft Director

Assist campers in making crafts (Completed 11th grade)


Supervise swimmers and take care of the pool. (Completed 10th grade)


Create theme related videos and four weekly videos. (Completed 10th grade)

Paintball Instructor

Prepare equipment, teach campers safety and lead paintball club. (Completed 11th grade)


Capture camp through pictures. (Completed 10th grade)

Rec Staff

Assist in set-up, take-down of program projects and activities. (Completed 10th grade)

Kitchen Staff

Assist the cooks in prepping and serving meals. (Completed 9th grade)