2019 New Staff Volunteer Applications will available soon!

Save the Date – Staff Training Starts June 8th, 2019


Steps to completing an application packet
  1. Fill out application
  2. Fill out background check
  3. Give out reference form links to a pastor, an employer/supervisor, and a teacher

… all links to forms can be found below …

New Staff Application
Background Check Form

Pastor / Youth Pastor Reference Form

The Pastor / Youth Pastor reference form should be given to your youth pastor or to someone else in full-time Christian service in your church

Teacher Reference Form

The Teacher reference form should be given to a high school teacher, college professor, or other faculty member who knows you well. If you are home-schooled, please use another teacher rather than your parent(s).

Employer / Supervisor Reference Form

The Employer / Supervisor reference form should be given to a recent employer or to someone who has been in a supervisory position over you. If you have never had a formal job, use your contacts in the following areas: babysitting, yard work, volunteer work, etc.

You can fill out the application & submit it online, with the ability to save & return later!


If you prefer to fill out the form by hand please contact the office and we can email you the paper form.