Thinking of Applying to Work at Trout Creek?! 

Staff Training Starts June 8th, 2019



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It’s a community of people who really love Jesus and want to serve him by serving kids. It’s an incredible experience and I can guarantee that God will use it to change your life.

Cha Cha
Guy Counselor


It is an experience unlike any other. You are working alongside incredibly amazing Godly Christian guys and girls 24/7. These are people dedicated to serving Christ and others, and I am honored to call them my friends.

Program Rec Staff


It is some of the hardest work you will ever do, but it is so rewarding. You are working alongside great friends to further the kingdom of heaven. It doesn’t matter if you’re working directly with the campers or working on program or crew, everyone’s job is crucial.


Building Great Bonds

I loved being able to work with a small group of people for literally 24/7 and building great bonds that it feels like being around them is normal everyday life. I loved the support of being on Crew and the how much God you could see in every single crew person.

Girl Crew

Best Experience

One of the best experiences in your life. You get to live with your best friends for three months and be in charge of a bunch of crazy, fun kids.

Girl Counselor