Are you ready for the best summer of your life as a Camp Counselor at
Trout Creek Bible Camp?!

You can apply to be a Counselor if you’ve completed 12th grade by the start of Summer!

Find out what we are looking for by reading theĀ job description!

Is this Real Life?!

I get to spend my summer hanging out with kids in nature and telling them about Jesus! I mean how is that even real life?? It’s the best.

Girl Counselor


Imagine living with people who are following Jesus with everything they have, while never ceasing to laugh. That is Trout Creek.

Guy Counselor

The Community

One of my favorite things about Trout Creek is the community. Campers are always so excited to come to camp and the staff are so loving and caring.

Girl Counselor

The People

The people make it fun! Hanging out with kids is a blast, and people who love Jesus are so much fun to be around.

Cha Cha
Guy Counselor

Bigger Investment

Should you work at camp … yes, yes, and yes! The seeds you are planting in kids’ lives cannot be done anywhere else. You get to build long-lasting eternal relationships with campers and staff that you can have here on Earth and in heaven someday! This is a bigger investment compared to making money working a summer job.

Guy Counselor