Crew is one of the best jobs at Trout Creek! 

We seriously couldn’t have camp without Crew! They help keep the camp clean, maintained, safe, and beautiful for the campers to enjoy!

Find out what CREW is all about by reading the job description.

Crew is for anyone who has completed 9th grade by the start of Summer!

If you love helping behind the scenes with friends, have a servant’s heart, and want to have fun … CREW IS FOR YOU!

Just Do It.

If there’s one thing anyone should experience, it is definitely working at camp! Being surrounded by incredible people who support you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If anyone has even the tiniest microscopic want of working at camp, PLEASE JUST DO IT. You’ll be rewarded with so much fun and incredible life change by deciding to work at Trout Creek Bible Camp.

Girl Crew

Building Great Bonds

I loved being able to work with a small group of people for literally 24/7 and building great bonds that it feels like being around them is normal everyday life. I loved the support of being on Crew and the how much God you could see in every single crew person.

Girl Crew