Are you ready to join the TCBC Leadership Team?! 

You can apply to serve on Leadership if you’re in college or beyond!

Click the links below to read the job description for the position you are interested in!

Girls Crew Leader & Guys Crew Leadersupervise crew members, organize daily schedule, lead Bible Study

CIT Deansupervise & disciple CIT’s

Counselor Dean: supervise & disciple counselors, lead Bible study, etc.

Program Deansupervise & disciple program staff, lead Bible study, etc.

Servant’s Heart

Camp really taught me what it looks like to have a servant’s heart. As I’ve headed off to college, I’ve been able to tangibly reflect on how my time at Trout Creek taught me how to intentionally pursue relationships, how to create time for God in my life, how to live in a supportive community, and how to make myself uncomfortable in the hope of bringing others to Christ. I would not be so centered on faith here at college without my time at Trout Creek.

Girls Counselor

Free Soft Serve

What simultaneously seems like both a mob and a small handful of teenagers to young adults gather for three months to share living spaces, communal bathrooms, and chores while watching other people’s children. All for the hefty salary of ten free soft serves.

Girls Program Dean