Do you want to have the BEST summer of your life?!

You’ll find it serving on Program!


Positions on Program differ by age so check out the list below to see which one works for you! 

You just have to complete that grade by the time summer starts!

Read the job description for each position below!


People who have completed 9th grade or higher:

Kitchen Crew: assist the cooks in prepping and serving meals


People who have completed 10th grade or higher:

Lifeguardsupervise swimmers and take care of the pool

Go Kart Pit Krew: teach and supervise kids how to drive a Go Kart

Rec Staffassist in set-up, take-down of program projects and activities

Craft Directorassist campers in making crafts

Health Assistantassist the Nurse with providing basic first aid

Photographercapture camp through pictures

Videographercreate theme related videos and four weekly videos


Completed 11th grade or higher:

Go Kart Pit Krew Lead: lead pit krew team, help teach and supervise kids how to drive a Go Kart

Filled with Awesome People

I LOVE PROGRAM! I love that as Program Dean I had the opportunity to manage girls aged fourteen to twenty, as it provides a vast array of life experience and perspective for everyone to draw from. Program is filled awesome people loving and serving where they are called. I loved being able to see all the different behind-the-scenes jobs at camp at their most active and least active. I had the opportunity to chill with my staff who were on duty but not in a rush hour. I loved the lull of go-karts and rock wall when everyone just sat around and talked about life and played games until the campers came.

Girls Program Dean

Awesome Experience

It is an awesome experience in a really powerful Christian environment. You make God loving friends that stay with you throughout life, while helping thousands of little kids learn about Christ and His love for them.

Go Kart Pit Krew

Variability of Jobs

I really enjoy the variability of the job, you never do just one job, when you finish one there’s always another waiting just around the corner. I also have had the amazing opportunity to hear incredible stories from the C.I.T.s and counselors working in countless camper’s lives for the good of God.

Rec Staff & Lifeguard