Electronic Device Policy

Technology is great, but we like to take a break from it at camp!

3 reasons why TCBC doesn't allow phones at camp:

Phones cause distractions ...

Camp is a unique place to develop friendships and build community. The most meaningful and lasting impact of Trout Creek comes from one of our core values, being a relationally focused program.  The use of cell phones and other electronic devices distract campers from the opportunity to build community and to be relationally focused by being present.

Phones are always on ...

Another one of our core values is the outdoor setting, which is one of the unique qualities of camping. We want to provide an experience and atmosphere that lends itself to “getting away” from the elements, routines and activities of normal life. This type of setting allows campers the opportunity to experience God’s awesome creation in ways not common to most kids.  It also allows them to be more carefree, to pause, reflect and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The technology of most phones and devices allows kids easy access to the internet or phone calls, hindering their opportunity to experience all that camp has to offer. In addition, if campers were to have internet access throughout the week, it would be difficult to monitor what the camper is viewing and/or showing other campers.

Phones are expensive if broken or lost ...

The camp cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged electronic devices. These items are valuable and the camp environment is not conducive to these items being secure, or easily found if lost or stolen.

Campers should not bring a cell phone, iPad, iPod, mp3 player, radio, or other electronic devices to camp. If there is an emergency or we are concerned about your camper, we will contact you immediately.