Health & Dietary

Health Care and Insurance

A Registered Nurse or Health Assistant is on site to address the health and safety concerns of each camper and to dispense all medications. Please note:  Only prescription and essential non-prescription medications can be accepted and must be in original containers.  Original prescription must accompany all medications (including inhalers).

The following over-the-counter medications are available through the health assistant at camp.  Please DO NOT BRING these items to camp.

Aloe, Antibiotic Ointment, Benadryl, Calydryl/Benadryl Cream, Chlortrimeton, Cough Drops, Ibuprofen, Hydrocortison Cream, Immodium, Maalox Plus, Pepto Jr.,  Robitussin, Sudafed PE substitute, Tylenol, Topical Anesthetic, Tums, Throat Lozenge/Vitamin C Drops

Medications must be checked in with the camp medical personnel at the check-in table on opening day. All medications require:

  • Original container (no baggies, plastic containers, pill boxes, etc.).
  • Specific written instructions including name, amount, time, and reason for dispensing.
  • Parent’s signature authorizing administration by camp personnel.
  • Correct label including right name, time, and dosage for prescription medications.


PLEASE NOTE: Campers’ individual family insurance policy applies first for any medical needs.  If necessary, Trout Creek carries an accident policy that provides secondary coverage.

Dietary Information

The camp kitchen is able to work with some dietary needs*.  If camper will need to be restricted from any foods while at camp, please contact the Food Service Director prior to the camper session to confirm dietary needs and receive a list of available food substitutions.

*A $20 surcharge will be assessed to meet special dietary requirements, not including peanut and/or nut allergy.