volunteer summer staff

new cabins


Trout Creek plays a critical role in helping to reach children & youth through our camping programs, with the support of you & our partner churches. Our volunteer staff are the core of the program being a success. They are a vital part of making Trout Creek run smoothly throughout the year.


The parents of the volunteer staff have provided testimony of the transformational impact that a summer of service has had on their children’s lives.


TCBC has the opportunity to reach the following people throughout the year:
3,277 campers
112 volunteer summer staff
2,387 retreat guests
which is a total of 5,776 people impacted annually by TCBC


  • Housing Project
  • 7 new volunteer staff cabins
  • New Summer Program Office
  • New Nurse’s Cabin
  • Remodel Guest Cabin
  • New Laundry Cabin


Our focus is to improve the buildings & living conditions for volunteer staff. This will help us fulfill our mission by:

    • Attracting quality volunteer staff for our highly relational ministry.
    • Enhancing our opportunities for expanded programming.


7 – Volunteer Staff Cabins … $420,000 ($60,000 each)
1 – Program Cabin … $60,000
1 – Nurse’s Cabin … $160,000
1 – Guest Cabin … $25,000
1 – Laundry Cabin … $85,000
Total … $750,000


The overall goal of this housing project is to bring glory to God and, practically speaking, to give Trout Creek Bible Camp the updated facilities it needs to serve the next generation of campers and guests.
This is based on the conviction that there will be a continuous need for the Bible-based teaching and life-changing experiences that Trout Creek has to offer.