May 2020

mother/daughter retreat at Home

Welcome to our virtual Mother/Daughter Retreat at Trout Creek Bible Camp!

With life changing and many of us social distancing at home, we have cancelled our in-person retreat and instead are providing at-home materials for a meaningful weekend of Mother/Daughter connections. Here on this webpage you’ll find activity ideas, media content, and at-home Bible Studies from our 2020 retreat speaker, Leslee Forrester. As always, our hope is to provide a fun, creative, and meaningful program that draws us closer to each other and to Christ!

On this page, we’ve provided a wide range of activities, appropriate for various ages. We invite you to set aside a special Mother/Daughter time, whether that's a full at-home weekend retreat, or just an afternoon.

Thank you for participating with us! We at Trout Creek are praying for meaningful times full of laughter, fun, and growth in Christ together!

- Ben "Fidgit" Tissell, Program Director

Try some of these creative activities, or come up with you own! The important thing is to do something together that facilitates fun and connection.
  • Check out the at-home craft tutorial video on this webpage!
  • Print off & color the Mother’s Day coloring page on this webpage
  • Plant a garden or flower pot together
  • Mom’s, introduce your daughter to one of your favorite childhood movies
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Bake some cookies or other tasty treat and the deliver them around the neighborhood
  • Daughters, teach your mom a new game, dance, or activity
  • Cook a gourmet meal together OR try making something new and exotic
  • Speed puzzling – set yourselves a time limit to complete a puzzle together, with a reward for accomplishing the challenge
  • Make S’mores! (If you can’t build a fire, a BBQ or even a candle will work)
  • Have a joke battle (First one to laugh loses)
  • Paint each other’s nails
  • Choreograph a mother/daughter dance to a favorite song
  • Go outside and make fern/flower crowns (There are many tutorials on YouTube, or you can just make up your own!)
  • Set up a slip-n-slide! (Temperatures in Portland are predicted to break 80 this weekend)
  • Try playing the Ninja Game (you can find rules here: or just google “Ninja Game Rules”)
  • Memorize a Bible verse together
  • Do an act of service around the house together (Is there something you could do together to really bless a dad, a brother? Or maybe the whole family!)
  • Take a walk together and reminisce about some favorite family memories
Try some of these for help striking up new and meaningful conversations:
  • Make up some “would-you-rather’s” (i.e. “Would you rather drink Coke or Pepsi?” or “Would you rather be really good at math or really good at writing?”)
  • Share your biggest “God moments,” when you experienced God in a real way
  • Ask each other: “What are you most looking forward to right now? Summertime? Going back to school? Tonight’s dinner?”
  • Ask each other: “If you could time travel, what time would you go to?”
  • Tell each other about your favorite books or movies
  • Tell each other about your dream jobs…even if they’re imaginary jobs like “Wonder Woman”
  • Ask each other: “If you could have the world’s largest collection of any one thing, what would you choose?”
  • Ask each other: “What’s stressing you out the most right now? Is there anything I can do to help?”
  • Tell each other about your favorite meal
  • Say: “If you were an animal, you would be a….” – cast each other as an animal and explain why you chose that for them
  • Ask each other: “What’s one thing you don’t know how to do, but you want to learn how to do?”
  • Tell each other about your most embarrassing moments
  • Moms, tell your daughters about a time that you made a mistake and how God used it to teach/grow you in some way and move you forward
  • Tell each other something you admire about one another
You can check out our TCBC Live Worship album online for free! Music is a great way to keep us mindful of God’s presence throughout our time together.


listen below or on the TCBC Spotify page!


listen below or on the TCBC YouTube channel!


Learn how to make a craft at home with the attached instructions and video tutorial!
Coloring is a great activity to do while you are at home! One of our previous summer staff created this hand-drawn coloring page that you can download and print!
- video 1 -

LOVE & LIVE, part 1

Examine one of the most common obstacles to loving God (and others) and consider what God has to say about it. You'll end with an activity that will help you wrap words around your struggle and then you'll go on a treasure hunt together to find truth, encouragement, and hope.
- video 2 -

LOVE & LIVE, part 2

Lean in and learn about the ancient Hebrew bible reader and an ancient spiritual practice that will help you meditate on Scripture. You will get to practice this together in your mother/daughter team and hear what God is saying to you today through Scripture.
- video 3 -

LOVE & LIVE, part 3

Anxiety is all around us these days. Learn about how to practically take care of your heart and body as you experience the beauty of breath prayer and sit quietly with the Lord.
- video 4 -

LOVE & LIVE, part 4

As we reflect on the story of the Good Samaritan, consider ways to be loving others--the stranger, your neighbor, and family and friends--as well as yourself! You will get the opportunity to strategize together ways to love (BIG) those around you in creative and thoughtful ways.

Retreat Speaker

Leslee Forrester

Rebekah Josberger, Ph.D.

Rebekah Josberger works at Multnomah University as a Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament, Chairs the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies department. She is also on the Teaching Team at Mosaic, a Portland-based church. Her work focuses on helping her students and the church understand the Torah’s role as an invitation to know God by imitating His character.

The only thing she loves more than her job is her family. She is married to a man that she respects, admires, enjoys, and just plain adores more than anyone else in the world. Together they have four children, Mia, who is married to Nik, Amanda, Emily, and Haven James.

One of Rebekah’s daughters, Amanda (Pineapple), has previously served on the summer staff as a Lifeguard in 2014 and a C.I.T in 2015. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who makes everything applicable to everyone who listens. Becky is excited to be the 2022 Mother/Daughter Retreat speaker and plans to bring all her daughters for the weekend!