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- 7th - 9th graders -

one day raft trip

This optional activity is a joint venture with Forward Paddle Rafting Co., with an additional cost of $80 (due with deposit). Campers will leave in the morning during their week and travel to Central Oregon where they will spend the day riding the white waters of the Deschutes River, then return to camp in the evening.

The one day rafting trip is offered during Jr. High 2, 3, 4

- 9th - 12th graders -

Rockin' Raft

Campers will spend three days in Central Oregon enjoying different kinds of water adventures.
This trip is a joint venture with Forward Paddle Rafting Co. who will provide all the necessary equipment for safety and enjoyment.

Rockin' Raft 1 | July 5 - 9, 2021

Rockin' Raft 2 | July 19 - 23, 2021

Rockin' Raft 3 | August 2 - 6, 2021

- important info -

rafting forms

Rafting participants must fill out the forms contained in the following document in addition to the Registration Form

Rafting Release Form