chevron - 2021

Deacon Erickson

Camp Name: "Chevron"

Deacon has volunteered at Trout Creek for two years now, working in two different departments: Go Kart Pit Krew (2019) and Counselor-In-Training (2021). Deacon graduated early and is using this year as a gap year to pursue his interest in Christian ministry and camping.

Deacon is excited to join the first year of the TCBC Internship and plans to focus on 5 of the 18 areas of interest within the camping ministry internship: Outdoor Leadership, Recreation Management, Discipleship Training, Pastoral Care, and High Ropes/Adventure Leading.

Deacon's hope for the internship at TCBC

“I hope that it will help me grow in my relationship with God and give me experience in ministry. And I hope to get a better sense of what exactly I want to do with my life and a better understanding of what God wants me to do. I hope to see what full-time camp staff does and if I would like to do that with my life.”