oupa - 2021

Sammuel Drevenstedt

Camp Name: "Oupa"

Sammuel has volunteered at Trout Creek for two years, working in the counseling department: Counselor-In-Training (2020) and Counselor (2021). Sammuel graduated high school and is using this year as a gap year to pursue his interest in Christian ministry and camping.

Sammuel is excited to join the first year of the TCBC Internship and plans to focus on 11 of the 18 areas of interest within the camping ministry internship: Hospitality & Group Hosting, Media & Marketing, Outdoor Leadership, Summer Staff Leadership & Development, Summer Staff Recruiting, Camp-to-Camp Networking, Discipleship Training, Pastoral Care, Summer Camp Programs, Church Partnerships, and Admin/Registration.

Sammuel's hope for the internship at TCBC

“I love God, I love camping ministry, and I love the ministry at Trout Creek. I want to understand the logistical and administrative aspects of running such a ministry. Being an intern will be an excellent opportunity to grow closer to the Lord and get experience in working with and helping others.”