Rebekah Josberger works at Multnomah University as a Professor of Hebrew & Old Testament, Chairs the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies department. She is also on the Teaching Team at Mosaic, a Portland-based church. Her work focuses on helping her students and the church understand the Torah’s role as an invitation to know God by imitating His character.

The only thing she loves more than her job is her family. She is married to a man that she respects, admires, enjoys, and just plain adores more than anyone else in the world. Together they have four children, Mia, who is married to Nik, Amanda, Emily, and Haven James.

One of Rebekah’s daughters, Amanda (Pineapple), has previously served on the summer staff as a Lifeguard in 2014 and a C.I.T in 2015. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who makes everything applicable to everyone who listens. Becky is excited to be the 2022 Mother/Daughter Retreat speaker and plans to bring all her daughters for the weekend!


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