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Q+A about Volunteering at TCBC

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Where is Trout Creek Bible Camp?

Corbett, Oregon!

About 15 minutes from Troutdale/Gresham and 30-40 minutes from Downtown Portland.

Who's in charge of the staff?

Our amazing Camp Director, Little Joe, is in charge of all staff throughout the summer. There is also our Program Director who oversees the programming, as well as the two LEAD’s who are in there to help oversee the Leadership Team who are in charge of different departments.

During ICT you will get a breakdown of roles and who reports to who during the summer.

What is the application process like?

It’s pretty straightforward and simple … applications are filled out online and you have the ability to start, stop, and go back to it when you have time.

We do ask a lot of questions so that we can get to know you and find out what you’re passionate about. Some of the questions that we ask on the application are …

– how long have you been following Jesus?

– who and/or what led you to consider serving at Trout Creek Bible Camp this summer?

– In what specific ways is the Word of God teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training you?

What is the hiring process like?

Once we receive your application & references, we’ll contact you to set up an interview. If you have questions before we contact you feel free to call the camp office (503-695-2948) or email the camp ( to check in on the status of things.


Once you have you have an interview time set up, you’ll come to the camp office to meet with the Camp Director, Joe. Interviews usually last for about an hour and you talk through your application and Joe will ask you more questions to get to know you. Then a little while after the interview (a couple weeks, maybe a month) you’ll get a call from Joe to find out if you got hired or not.

If you do get hired, then you’ll get a lot of emails from the camp office with paperwork that needs to be filled out and/or schedules you’ll need to keep …. and the countdown to camp can begin!!

When do staff arrive for camp & when are they done for the summer?

Staff arrive about a week before campers come! For 2019, staff arrive Saturday, June 8th and the staff finish the summer on Saturday, August 24th.


There is also a Staff Retreat at the Beach that we all go after the last day of camp, from Sunday – Wednesday. You’ll get more info about that during the summer.

What happens during In-Camp-Training (ICT)?

In-Camp-Training, or ICT as we like to call it, is a week where everyone gets to know each other, introduce new staff to our camp culture and weird sayings, and train everyone for the job they will be doing for the summer.

We also spend time setting camp up, decorating the chapel for the summer theme, making fun videos for campers, going off-site for all staff activities, working on Bible study curriculum, and getting to know all the staff!

Do I get time off at the end of the week?

Yes, every staff member is off from Saturday at 12pm until Sunday at 8pm for Staff Meeting. Some weeks vary, but that is the usual schedule.

Any other time-off requests should be addressed during the interview process and need to be approved by the Camp Director before the summer starts.

Do I get time off during the week?

Yes! The requirements of your job will determine how much time you get off each day. However, everyone gets some time off each day.

We do everything we can for our staff; needs for extra encouragement or time off can be addressed with your Dean during the summer.

Can I get internship credit or volunteer hours?

We are happy to work with you and your high school, college or university to help you gain school credit for your time spent working with us at Trout Creek Bible Camp!

What are some skills that I'll gain from working at camp that I can put on my resume?

Time Management, Adaptability, Collaboration, Creativity, People Management, Communication, Confidence, Public Speaking, Problem Solving, Social Awareness, Enforcing Rules and Policy, Leadership, Patience, Independence, Teamwork, Resiliency, Detail Oriented, Good Work Ethic … to name a few!

Is there a dress code?

We require staff to wear their Staff Shirts every Monday and Saturday. Do not lose that shirt!! 🙂

We also ask that all staff dress modestly and to remember that they are role models for each other and campers. 

How's the food?

Amazing!! We asked the staff what their favorite camp meal was and here is what they said:

Pizza! Grandma Sue’s Pancakes & Oatmeal! Eggrolls & Orange Chicken! Roast Beef & Mashed Potatoes! Chicken Strips w/ Honey Mustard! French Toast! Meatloaf! Broccoli Cheddar Soup! Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!!

What are the living arrangements like?

Depending on the department you serve in will depend on the living arrangements. Here is a breakdown:

  • Counselors live in a camper cabin throughout the summer, except for moving out for 4 days during Family Camp.
  • CIT’s have a cabin that acts as their home base and is where all your stuff is stored. Each week they go to different cabins based on the Counselor/CIT pairings.
  • Program live in the same cabin with their Deans.
  • Crew live in the same cabin with their Deans.
  • Counseling & CIT deans stay in the Upper Lodge.

Can I decorate my cabin?

Totes! Just remember that you can only use 3m strips to hold thing up (no nails or thumb tacks).

What are some essential items I should pack?

You’ll want to pack the essentials like warm clothes in case it rains, summer clothes for when the sun comes out, toiletries for brush & flush time. Pack some good running shoes and also water shoes … PLUS you’ll want to pack some crazy outfits for Wacky Wednesday (girls), Thuper Thursday (guys), and themed nights that we might have throughout the summer.

Do I get a staff discount at the Camp Store?

Yes!  We love it when staff wear TCBC swag. Staff get to buy clothing & hats items at cost.

Any crazy clothes I should start looking for?

Yes! Keep an eye out for awesome clothes that you can wear for themed nights, Wacky Wednesday (girls) or Thuper Thursday (guys) …

Plus anything that would be good for skits!  We’d love to add to our collection or prom dresses, wigs, hats, suits, costumes, or anything else you find in good condition!

Can I try out for the worship team?

Yes, we would love for you to try out! During the week of ICT we have people sign up to try out and then worship teams for chapel and fireside will be selected.

Can I be in a skit at Fireside?!

Yes!! During ICT we go over all the skits that we act out during the summer and make sure everyone has it down, then we put them into the lineup each week.

How can I learn to play Fireside songs?

Great question! Check out our YouTube page and find the “Fireside Songs” playlist … or just click here!

Can I drive my car to camp & keep it there for the week?

Hundo P! We have an area reserved for staff parking!

Can I use my phone during camp?

We believe that technology can sometimes take away from the amazing experience that camp has to offer, the outdoors, friends, activities, and getting away from it all … so we have staff turn in their phones Monday morning and they receive them back on Saturday afternoon.

Parents are encouraged to call the Camp Office if they need to pass a message on to you. If staff need to make a phone call, they just need to clear it with their Deans and find a time that doesn’t conflict with their job duties to make the call. 

Is there a computer that I can use?

We have computers in the office that are available to staff who pre-arrange it with their Dean and they can be used when needed.

What do I do with all my dirty clothes?

You’re in luck! Our amazing Crew Girls help the staff out and do laundry for departments throughout the week. If you choose to have your clothes washed, make sure you have a sturdy laundry basket and have all your clothes labeled so things get returned to the correct person! You’ll find out what your laundry day is during ICT!

What if I don't agree with something on the Camp's doctrinal statement?

This is a great thing to bring up in your application and during your interview process. We believe that God works through all kinds of people, but we also know it’s important that everyone is on the same page. Start out by bringing it up and talking about your thoughts and then go from there.

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