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What staff say about working at camp

My life has been transformed because I have learned that I am fully loved by God and I have such a good community of people around me. My problems are not a burden to my staff friends. They want to help me, love me and support me through every problem that I face. Best of all, they direct me towards Jesus. The community at camp has been absolutely life changing.

GoldilocksCrew ('16), CIT ('17-'18), Counselor ('19)

Working at TCBC made me want to read my Bible more, and now, even after camp, I am reading the Bible on my own time, which I never used to do.

BeanieCrew ('16), Program ('17-'19)

My camp experience has given me a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, and a better understanding of who our awesome God is.

BeanieCrew ('16), Program ('17-'19)

This past summer was probably one of the best years I have spent at camp, it was so much fun and I'm so glad I got the experience to work on staff. I am so lucky to have gotten to build close friendships with the awesome people at camp and grow in my relationship with God!

SnappleVideographer ('20)
Snapple – Program ’20
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Volunteering on summer staff is one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences you can have! Not only will you be able to help kids discover the truth about Jesus Christ, but you will also grow in your own walk with the Lord and make lifetime friendships with other believers. Come out & serve the Lord in an incredible outdoor environment & have the opportunity of a lifetime!

We are looking for future staff that are sold out to the Lord, have a desire to work with & love kids, willing to work hard & have fun, willing to be used by God, and are ready for an awesome summer!!

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What Parents say about their kids working at camp

Our family has three daughters who attended Trout Creek Bible Camp as young campers many years ago.  Their positive experiences at camp strengthened their desire to return in their teenage years to serve as volunteer summer staffers.  As a parent, this was difficult that first year as it keep them away from home six of seven days each week from June through August.  But as that first summer progressed for each one, we saw so much change in the girls that the adjustments our family made to accommodate camp paled in comparison to the growth in each one of our teens.  From work ethic to creating bible studies to personal spiritual growth, the advantages were noticeably visible to both our family and other families that came into contact with my daughters in the fall.  For five consecutive summers our kids have volunteered their time and their talents to TCBC summer staff.  Over that duration, they have developed strong bonds of relationship with other like-minded teens who desire to serve the Lord and share their faith.  As parents, isn’t this exactly who we want our kids to hang out with all summer?  As the girls now begin to graduate college and head into adulthood, these relationships made with other staffers remain strong as well as their “servant hearts” created leading others at Trout Creek.  Watching our children walking with the Lord, and holding a young camper’s hand while doing it, is exactly what every parent desires!

Steven & GinaParent Testimonials
Steven & Gina – parent testimonial ’19

All four of our kids have volunteered multiple summers at TCBC.  We have considered it one of the greatest discipleship, maturing, and service opportunities in their lives. Without exception, the experience has benefited each of them (3 boys and 1 girl) spiritually, relationally, and helped shape a better attitude at home.  Lastly, we found an unexpected benefit - each one fo them came home with a whole group of CHRISTIAN friends to talk to and hang out with outside of camp.  This was simply not available to them, at this level, here at home.  I actually feel like serving at TCBC is a better choice than attending camp once they get into High School.

Dave & TeresaStaff Parent
Dave Martin – staff parent testimonial ‘ 19

“Mom, how can I pray for you?” was what I heard as I picked up my son, Pacer, from camp for his short weekend break. It brought tears to my eyes and so I shared with him and he shared with me. He told me that he was learning that he needed to care more about others than himself and was going to start doing that by praying for others. This is one of the most vital things that my son has learned while working at camp and why allowing him to spend three summers has been a privilege and blessing, not a burden.

God has answered a specific prayer through our daughter’s time at TCBC. Sending a girl that prefers to read books over spending time with large group of people, to live in a cabin with 10+ other girls for an entire summer scared me to death. She, on the other hand, stepped into that situation and there God met her with amazing personal connections. I prayed that she would at least bond with her crew leader and God answered!  Above and beyond that, He gave her close friends and a love for the entire group of crew girls. God answers prayer at TCBC!

Janci BurnsStaff Parent
Janci Burns – staff parent testimonial ’19

I have had two children on staff at TCBC.  I noticed a spiritual growth spurt in both our children upon returning.  They also developed new lasting friendships that were good influences on them.  Both of these benefits were what we pray for to be developed in their lives and so the thought of them being  gone much of the summer was an investment in their lives that have paid big dividends.  We all want our children to follow the Lord and carry out their faith.  TCBC is on the job training where that takes place.

ScottStaff Parent
Scott Brabec – staff parent testimonial ’19