ready to have the best summer of your life?!

Volunteer on Summer Staff!

We are looking for individuals who are willing to serve the Lord while investing in the lives of young people; helping them to experience the love of Jesus in a very tangible way.

Applicants create a personal profile first, and then they choose an application to fill out.

- first time -

New Staff Applications

This application is for anyone who is applying to volunteer at TCBC for the first time.
- coming back -

Return Staff Applications

This application is for anyone who is returning to TCBC after previously volunteering on staff.
-helping out -

Adult Volunteers

This application is for anyone who would like to volunteer at TCBC during the summer but is past the ``summer staff`` age range (30+).
- join the team -

Camp Cook

This application is for anyone over 18 years old who would like to apply to work as a Camp Cook during the summer and/or year round.
Camp Cook App

Camp cook is a paid position. Rates will be discussed during the hiring process.

- a good word -



please choose one of your high school teachers, college professors, or other faculty members who know you well. If you are home-schooled, please use an adult teacher other than your parent(s).


please choose one of your recent employers or someone who has been in a supervisory position over you.
** If you have never had a formal job, use your contacts in the following areas: babysitting, yard work, volunteer work, etc. **


please choose one of your pastors or someone else in full-time Christian service in your church.


a Friend reference is only to be used if the applicant is not currently enrolled in school, and it replaces the Teacher reference. If an applicant enrolled in school has a friend reference submitted, and it will not be counted towards the three required forms.

The applicant's responsibility is to select a reference and follow up with them about submitting the reference form.

if applicants have questions about the application process, please email Kelly Jo (