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Get pictures sent to your phone every day!

We partner with Waldo Photos to power our photo delivery!

We use Waldo exclusively for photos at TCBC! Waldo offers an awesome service that uses facial recognition to find all the photos your camper is in, and sends them straight to your phone via text and also through the Waldo app.

To enroll, click the button below or text TCBC23 to 735-343, and follow the prompts. You will enter your camper’s name, upload a selfie of them, and then purchase the album corresponding to their 2023 camp session. Use the join code TCBC23 to see photos!

This is the only way parents can see photos of their campers, don’t delay – Sign Up Today!

Photo Delivery Service

Photos delivered everyday
Guaranteed photos of your camper
No more searching for photos online
50% of revenue goes towards camp scholarship program

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- Waldo Photo Prices -

Price Per Camper

Price for each camp session: $11.99

Enroll today!

Click Here or text TCBC23 to 735-343 and follow the prompts.

With your paid subscription, you will have all your camper’s photos delivered to you. Only one parent enrolls per camper. You can then invite 6 other family members to also receive your camper’s photos for free!

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