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Counselors are cabin leaders for campers during the week, 24 hours a day for the week. They are role models for their campers and CITs and are encouraged to participate in the camp program with enthusiasm and support, so that campers join in as well. Counselors prepare and lead cabin Bible studies each day, supervise and take part in tons of free time activities such as canoeing, paintball, zip line, archery, swimming, climbing wall, mountain biking, among other things.

Applying to be a Counselor is open to anyone who has completed 12th grade by the start of Summer!

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Become a Camp Counselor

This last summer at Trout Creek was one of my favorite summers ever! I love working at Trout Creek! It's been one of the biggest times of growth in my faith and my life. It's such a cool experience to be able to lead others to Christ or push them in their growth while you are also walking them alongside them in your relationship with Christ. The past two summers with Trout Creek have been a very important part of my life that I will never forget!

PivotGirl Counselor ('20, '21)
Pivot – Girl Counselor 2021

In a season of uncertainty and worry, God used this summer to show me how to trust in him. He blessed me with an amazing community that poured into me and the opportunity to love God's children. Camp has helped me through so many seasons throughout my life.

CrashCounselor ('20), Leadership ('21)
Crash – counselor ’20

I had incredible fun, I matured spiritually, and most importantly, I watched God do amazing things in the lives of my campers.

KeaneCrew ('17), CIT ('18, '19) Counselor ('20, '21)
Keane – Counselor ’20

My absolute favorite part of TCBC is the community you get to be apart of as a staff member.

EscapéCrew ('18), Kitchen Crew ('19), Counselor ('20), Camp Cook ('21)
Escapé – program ’19

I have met so many people who amaze and inspire me at camp. Every summer I go to camp I leave in awe of the new ways that I have seen Jesus work. Not only am I given the chance to speak into the lives of young people, I am challenged in my faith and get to learn from the people around me. Being in creation, with no electronics and people who also love Jesus gives me the space to really listen to what the Lord has to say. I have learned how to take the teachings of God and really learn and understand them.

GoldilocksCrew ('16), CIT ('17-'18), Counselor ('19)
Goldilocks – 2019 counselor

One of my favorite things about Trout Creek is the community. Campers are always so excited to come to camp and the staff are so loving and caring.

JiminyCrew ('15), CIT ('16-'17), Counselor ('18-'19), Leadership ('20)
Jiminy – fav things about camp 2019

I get to spend my summer hanging out with kids in nature and telling them about Jesus! I mean how is that even real life?? It's the best.

LalaCrew ('16), CIT ('17-'18), Counselor ('19)
Lala – Counselor 2019

I really gained the hunger for the gospel at camp. Plus, the way God brings people together at camp is amazing! Normally my life would have kept going without meeting any of the staff. But God brought every single one of us to camp to serve Him together.

ToesterCIT ('19), Counselor ('20)
Toester – CIT, Counselor 2019

YES WORK AT CAMP. It changed my life and it will change yours too! Have an open mind, love people and seek God every single day! It’s so fun but so challenging and you get to face the challenges with some of the coolest people ever. Plus you can like sing fun songs, teach kids about Jesus and just form super positive relationships.

GoldilocksCrew ('16), CIT ('17-'18), Counselor ('19)
Goldilocks – Counselor, Positions 2019

If you've completed 12th grade by summer, apply to work serve as a Counselor!

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