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Leadership is for anyone who has a passion for mentoring, disciplining, and working alongside others as they volunteer as summer staff.
If you've completed at least one year of college or have been out of High School for a year, by the start of Summer, you are eligible to apply for a leadership position!
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What it's like to Serve on Leadership

God taught me what it means to be a servant as a leader.

Spud Counselor ('21), Leadership ('22)
Spud – Program Dean ’22

What I love about being in Leadership is being in the unique position of creating a community of people that care for each other and a culture that serves the Lord. I also love the opportunity to develop my leadership abilities and learn what it means to lead people. I would encourage anybody who desires to grow their relationship with the Lord and your impact for His Kingdom to consider joining Leadership.

RioCrew ('16), CIT ('17, '18), Counselor ('19), Leadership ('20, '21)
Rio – leadership 2021

I loved helping the counselors and just being there for them when they needed me. I also just really loved the counselor girls and that it was my job to hang out with them. They are all really cool people.

SwaziCrew ('15), CIT ('16, '17), Counselor ('19), Leadership ('20, '21)
Swazi – Leadership ’20 b

What simultaneously seems like both a mob and a small handful of teenagers to young adults gather for three months to share living spaces, communal bathrooms, and chores while watching other people's children. All for the hefty salary of ten free soft serves.

KowalskiGirls Program Dean (2018)
Kowalski – Leadership 2019

The people make it fun! Hanging out with kids is a blast, and people who love Jesus are so much fun to be around.

Cha ChaCIT ('17), Counselor ('18-'20), Leadership ('21)
Cha Cha – Counselor, Leadership 2020

If you've completed one year of college by summer, apply to serve on Leadership!

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