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There are tons of fun things you can do at camp!


We have two pools: a shallower game pool and a diving pool with a water slide. Our pools supply all additional safety equipment needed for a safe and fun time.

All Primary campers are instructed to wear life preservers while swimming. Junior Campers must take a swim test given by our trained lifeguards to assess their skill & swimmers that need assistance are instructed to wear a life preserver in deep water.

Zip Line

Fly through the trees at camp! Experience the trill on our Zip Line as you fly 150 feet to the Crow's Nest landing which is 75 feet above the forest floor. Then clip on for the final 100 feet as you zip down and land your feet on the ground. Offered during High School, Jr. High weeks, and Family Camp.


Our archery range is a fun place to experience a bit of the “old west.”

Cabins go together with their Counselors to learn how to use the equipment and shoot at a real bulls-eye!


Attending Chapel every day includes singing worship songs, hearing from an engaging speaker, and watching the daily camp video!

Listen to some of our Live Worship Recordings from camp! You can stream on Apple Music or Spotify!


Speed around the track in gas-powered go-karts specifically designed for fun and excitement, with safety in mind. Campers can go with their cabins and drive the go-karts at least once during the week for $5 by signing up at camp with their cabin or by adding Go-Kart Klub for $45 (drive for an hour for two days) to the camper's registration. *Only offered during High School, Jr. High, and Junior weeks.

Camp Store

You'll find all your TCBC gear at The Camp Store! Sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, journals, blankets, pens, toys, water bottles, bags, and more! The store is open every day during camp for campers to drop in a visit. Any online purchases made during the summer session can be mailed or sent home with the camper at the end of their week.


As the day turns to dusk and the sun begins to set, fireside is the best place to end the day at camp with skits, songs, a fire, and maybe even s'mores.

Big Swing

The swings are a definite favorite of most kids. Climb up onto the platform and hold on as you launch yourself off in one of the two big swings. Once you get off, you will be right back in line to go again. While waiting, you may also enjoy sliding and playing on the structure.

Climbing Wall

Our 28-foot climbing wall is perfect for campers and adults to try out their strength and skill as they ascend to the ceiling of the gym. We have five walls that have three route options! Try to reach the top of wall five and you can ring the bell and sign your name at the top!

Laser Tag

Whether you want to watch the ripples, dangle your legs over the water while sitting on a bridge, walk in it, or try to catch some crawdads, the creek is a great place for everyone to have a good time.


Paddle in a canoe with your cabin around the Beaver Dam!

BB Guns

BB Guns is a classic camp activity! Cabins sign up for this activity and are taught how to use the BBs, and are supervised by their Counselors.

And even more activities!

Snak Shak
Spike Ball
TC Live
Craft Room
9 Square
Gaga Ball
Night Game
Team Comp
Inflatable Slide
Mt. Bikes
Bounce House
Worship Night

Activities & Clubs

Camper Activities

Laser Tag

Have a blast with your friends as you run, hide, jump, duck through the woods without getting tagged! Laser Tag is an activity for our Junior, Jr High, High School, and Family campers. Sign up to enjoy the activity with your cabin where you can battle another cabin to see who will be the ultimate laser tag champion.


Swimming is an activity for all age campers! Campers will take a swim test on the first day of camp, supervised by the lifeguards. Everyone will enjoy splashing and playing in our shallower game pool, as well as limited access to the deeper diving pool with additional safety equipment provided if needed. For non-swimmers, the camp has a limited number of life preservers available. Campers are encouraged to bring a personal life preserver if they desire.

Go Karts

Speed around the track in gas-powered go karts specifically designed for fun and excitement, with safety in mind. Cabins choose to sign up for a one-time 45-minute session of driving go karts for only $5. Go karts are offered for Junior, Jr. High, High School, and Family camps.

Zip Line

Experience the thrill of our Zip Line by flying 150 feet in the air; being clipped in at all times, campers will have an amazing time on the Zip Line! Cabins can sign up to take part in this free 45-minute activity during their week at camp. This activity is only offered for Jr. High, High School, and Family campers over the age of 12.

Club Times

Laser Tag Club

Do you REALLY like Laser Tag? Then Laser Tag club is for you! Laser Tag Club is an activity for our Junior, Jr High, and High school campers. Sign up to enjoy the activity where you will spend two days for 45 minutes each day running, hiding, and ducking from your friends. The cost is $45 a person. The club fee is non-refundable.

Club Time

Each day, cabins and campers choose from various activity clubs where they will learn new skills and have a blast! Some clubs are Lego Club, Cooking Club, Rocket Club*, Gaga Ball Club, Dance Club, Marksmanship Club, Sports Club, Craft Club*, Adventure Club, and many more! Most clubs are free of charge except those with an *, which requires craft or building supplies.

Go Kart Club

This club will meet for one hour, twice a week, for multiple drives around the go kart track. The club provides instruction for the operation of go karts, safety, and more time to drive than the cabin activity time! The club costs $45, compared to a one-time go kart drive with their cabin for $5. Space is limited for this club. This club is offered for Junior, Jr. High & High School camps. The club fee is non-refundable. 

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Here is a list of some stuff we do at camp ...

  • Archery
  • Big Swings
  • BB Guns
  • Bounce House
  • Camp Store
  • Canoes
  • Chapel
  • Climbing Wall
  • Craft Room
  • Fireside
  • Gaga Ball
  • Go Karts
  • Hammock Village
  • Inflatable Slide
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Water Fights
  • Club Time
  • Building & Launching Rockets
  • Skits at Fireside
  • Slip n' Slide
  • Snak Shak
  • Swimming
  • T.C. Live
  • Team Comp Games
  • Tree House
  • Worship Night
  • Zip Line

Some activities are only offered during special camps and/or have age requirements:

Bounce House & Inflatable Slide: Primary, Junior, and Family Camp

Paintball: Jr. High, High School, and Family Camp

Zip Line: Jr. High, High School, and Family Camp