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Do you want to have the BEST summer of your life?! You’ll find it serving on Program! There are 10 departments that you can choose to work within, each offering a variety of activity and fun!
Program Assistant Job Description

Program Assistant works with the Program Director to facilitate all elements of the summer camp program.

Go Kart Pit Krew Job Description

Go Kart Pit Krew supervise and teach campers how to drive a Go Kart.

Activity & Rec Staff Job Description

Activity & Rec Staff assists the Program Director in all set-up and tear-down of program events, activities, and other projects.

Photographer Job Description

Photographers capture camp through photos and post daily images so people can see a glimpse into camp days.

Videographer Job Description

Videographers create theme videos and create weekly videos for campers and staff to enjoy.

Craft Director Job Description

The Craft Director creates craft projects and assists campers in making those crafts.

Kitchen Crew Job Description

Kitchen Crew assists the cooks in prepping and serving all meals.

Lifeguard Job Description

Lifeguards supervise swimmers and take care of the pool.

Health Assistant Job Description

The Health Assistant helps to assist the Camp Nurse by providing basic first aid.

Go Kart Pit Krew Lead Job Description

Oversee and run the Go Kart program

- staff quotes -

Serving on Program

This last summer was one of my favorite experiences ever!! I made a ton of new friends and got to hang out with old ones, and I really felt like I was apart of the community and that I was loved! God really spoke to me through the Bible studies and the staff; Camp is one of my favorite places to be of all time!

HiccupActivity & Rec ('20)
Hiccup – program ’20

This past summer was probably one of the best years I have spent at camp, it was so much fun and I'm so glad I got the experience to work on staff. I am so lucky to have gotten to build close friendships with the awesome people at camp and grow in my relationship with God!

SnappleVideographer ('20)
Snapple – Program ’20

I have lots of new relationships with people I never thought I would! My relationship with the Lord is better than it ever has been, and I feel like I have a better work ethic, which helped my parents out and created a better relationship between us!

SaucyOffice Assistant ('20)
Saucy – program ’20

I absolutely love the zip line and food. Just being at camp gives me a feeling of joy and, in many ways, is like a second home to me.

Prince CharmingActivity & Rec ('20)
Prince Charming – program ’20

My camp experience has given me a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, and a better understanding of who our awesome God is.

BeanieCrew ('16), Program ('17-'19)

My absolute favorite part of TCBC is the community you get to be apart of as a staff member.

EscapéCrew ('18), Program ('19)
Escapé – program ’19

It is an awesome experience in a really powerful Christian environment. You make God loving friends that stay with you throughout life, while helping thousands of little kids learn about Christ and His love for them.

TankCrew ('16), Program ('17 - '18)

The environment is something that I have not been able to find anywhere else.

PacerActivity & Rec ('19)
Pacer – Program