Child Protection Plan

Child Protection Plan


Here are some rules and boundaries that all campers and staff will need to follow while at Trout Creek.

At Trout Creek the rules are simple:

  1. First we want you to know how to RECOGNIZE appropriate boundaries.
  2. Second we RESIST any inappropriate behavior.
  3. Third we REPORT inappropriate behavior if it does occur.


The six boundaries are:

The first boundary is MODESTY.  Here at Trout Creek, everyone’s private body parts should be covered at all times, in the cabin, on trips, around others, and even getting ready for shower time.  At no time will we ever display our own private body parts or touch someone else’s private body parts.

The second boundary is NO PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE’s.  Here at Trout Creek, you should never be alone with a counselor, staff member, or even alone with another camper unless you are visible to others.   Always stay where others can see you. If you do find yourself where others are not present; then just make sure you’re in a group of three.

The third boundary is GOOD TOUCH and BAD TOUCH.  At Trout Creek, you should always feel safe and encouraged.  That is why we love high-fives, and short side hugs.  However, hitting, kicking, slapping, punching, shoving, kissing, hand holding, back rubs, sitting on laps, and touching each other’s body parts is inappropriate here at Trout Creek.

The fourth boundary is GOOD TALK and BAD TALK.  Here at Trout Creek, we love to encourage, build up, be positive, and praise one another.   We want to build each other up…all day…every day!  That’s GOOD talk! On the other hand, any bad language; like name calling, cussing, crude humor, inappropriate jokes, sexual comments,  lying, gossiping is BAD talk and is not tolerated at Trout Creek. And, we never tell secrets here at Trout Creek.  Ever.

The fifth boundary relates to BULLYING.  At Trout Creek, we have zero-tolerance for any form of bullying.  If someone asks you to stop…you must stop.  No questions asked.  If you ever feel like someone is picking on you or being mean to you, please tell us so we can help you.  You will be helping us keep Trout Creek fun and safe!

The sixth boundary is protecting YOUR TERRITORY.  Your stuff, your bed, your body…is yours.  At no point, should a camper or staff member ever be on your bed and you should never be on a camper’s bed or counselor’s bed.   It’s your space!

Three Rules – Six Boundaries are how we keep Trout Creek fun and safe for everybody. Let’s review:


First, Recognize inappropriate behavior

The six boundaries to help you recognize inappropriate behavior:

  1. Modesty at all times.
  2. No Private One-on-One’s
  3. Good Touch and not Bad Touch
  4. Good Talk and not Bad Talk
  5. No tolerance for Bullying
  6. Your space is your Territory

Second, Resist inappropriate behavior

You should always feel comfortable and safe at Trout Creek.  If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or unsafe with another camper or even a staff member…you should RESIST and say no.
Finally, Report inappropriate behavior

If you ever find yourself involved in or witness uncomfortable behavior here at Trout Creek, then we need you to REPORT it and tell somebody quickly.  At Trout Creek, you can report uncomfortable behavior in one of three ways…

  1. First Choice: Tell a Safe Adult like your Counselor or Leadership Staff.  They can help you the fastest!
  2. Second Choice: If you don’t feel comfortable telling your Counselor or Leadership Staff, then you can write a note and drop it in the “Safe Box” located at the front door of the Lodge.
  3. Finally, if you don’t want to tell a Counselor or Leadership Staff, or put a card in the Safe Box, then your third choice is to please tell our nurse.  They are here to help you.

How you report is up to you…we just ask that you tell somebody so we can help.
Recognize…Resist…Report.  It’s what we do here at Trout Creek.