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March 2020 God Care Calendar

Hey Trout Creek Friends!

Last year around this time we put out a God Care Calendar, our take on the popular Self Care Calendars you see all over the internet. In this time when a lot of our campers and staff and Trout Creek family are at home and out of school/work, we’re doing our best to help you stay connected to Jesus and to Trout Creek! So here you go, here is March’s God Care Calendar! Each day, we provide an idea of how to connect with God and let Him take care of all our needs. These are meant to be short pauses in your day, maybe 3-5 minutes, to remind us of Who is really in control and able to care for us in every way. You can screenshot it here, download a copy from our website, or keep an eye on social media for daily postings.

Praying for peace and protections for all our camp family!

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