Meet Cha Cha!!

Summer 2018 was his 2nd summer on staff and we can’t wait for you to get to know this awesome dude!

Did you go to TCBC as a camper? 

Yes, for 4 years.

How did you hear about TCBC?

My friends from church recommended it to my mom when I was younger.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, I don’t quite know what I want to do now, but when I was a kid I wanted to be a Counselor at Trout Creek and here I am!

What is one embarrassing camp moment that you’ve experienced? 

As a camper, I bit one of my friends and that’s as much as I would like to say on the matter.

What jobs have you had at camp?

I was a CIT in 2017 and a Counselor in 2018.

What was your latest job at camp?

Being a Counselor in 2018.

What did you love about that job?

Being able to invest in camper’s lives and have a blast with them for a week!

What was the hardest part of your job?

You get like no alone time and less rest than you would like to have, but it’s beyond worth it.

How did you decide on your camp name?

“Cha” is short for Chad and that’s about it!

Do you ever wish people called you by your camp name outside of camp? 

… hearing “Cha Cha” or “Chach” every once in a while always brings a smile to my face. 🙂

If you were stranded on an island & had to pick 3 TCBC staff members to rescue you, who would it be & why?

Wow, hard decision. Probably Atlas, because saving people stranded on an island is something he would do. Evan, because if there is any problem whatsoever I’m sure he has the solution. And Swiper.

What are some of your favorite things about TCBC?

The community. I love everyone at camp so much, and I cherish the relationships that have begun there so so much. Also, just all the fun camp traditions & songs just make me really happy.

What’s your favorite activity at camp?

I love free time because you get so much time to just invest in & hang out with your campers. Getting to spend time with the kids at camp every week is such a life-giving experience, and it offers you so much opportunity to grow.

What is one of your favorite camp songs?

… I love “Gentle Hands” and “Jesus Loves Me” during fireside.

What is your favorite camp meal?

Meat Loaf, hands down.

What is your favorite game we play at camp?

I love Safari. Talking with campers and making them do things to get tokens is hilarious.

What is a “God moment” camper story that you have seen or been a part of:

One of my campers was feeling really down & had serious doubts about how genuine his own faith truly was. He wanted to love and trust Jesus deeper, and yet he felt helpless and inadequate, which was something I could relate to myself. God was very present in that situation, and I was able to talk with him about my own struggles & encourage him to realize God’s incredible love for him no matter what … and God gave him a lot of peace in that situation.

In the end, God really ministered to us both, and we both left feeling very encouraged.

How has your life been transformed by working at camp? 

As God has pushed me outside of my comfort zone in serving Him, especially at camp, He has shown me so much about Himself, about myself, and particularly about my need to depend on Him.

This last summer (2018) especially, He really reinforced not only that I can accomplish nothing apart from Him, but also that He is not only willing but eager to bear with me in my struggles and show that His power is made perfect in my weakness.

What are some awesome ways God has moved at camp that you’ve seen or been a part of…?

I remember on Friday nights during Jr. High weeks this last summer (2018) we had the opportunity to participate in worship nights with the chapel band. Week after week, I saw and heard testimonies from so many campers who experienced God’s love in new and profound ways during that time, and it was so special to see!

What is a “God moment” story that has personally happened to you while you were at camp:

There have been so many times at camp where I have been drained. Emotionally, spiritually, physically, and sometimes all three. Yet in every single instance God has shown me again and again that He is more than sufficient in those times. He has delivered and provided peace and rest in so many ways and instances, and it is always so encouraging and reassuring to me that I am a child who desperately needs His loving Father.

How has your life been impacted or transformed during or after working at camp?

Coming home from camp has at times been even more impactful to me personally, as I get the chance to process all of my thoughts and experiences from camp. God has really shown me that each day is full of its own blessings and opportunities, so don’t take them for granted. It doesn’t make a difference whether it’s inside or outside camp; God is there and He has me exactly where He wants me for a specific and beautiful reason, and I don’t want to miss it!

What has God been teaching you lately?

God has been showing me who I am. He has been gradually shaping me and showing me the new identity He has given me as His beloved child, while bringing areas where I am weak and unaware to the surface so that He might refine me and bring me into a deeper, truer relationship with Him.

What spiritual truths have you been learning about lately?

Prayer is absolutely basic and essential to life. Having an intimate and personal connection to God is such a unique and powerful gift that He has offered you and I, and it’s been so fulfilling and encouraging to grow in that slowly but surely.

What has God been saying to you lately?

God has been telling me to trust Him: to have faith that He knows what I need even better than I do, which is so freeing because even if things in life aren’t how I would like them to be, I can rest assured that He knows what He is doing. 🙂

What is one of the funniest things that has happened to you at camp?

I played like 7 on-going games of Rock-Paper-Scissors throughout the week with a bunch of campers!

What is only of your fondest memories from working on staff? 

This last summer (2018), my entire cabin gave me a group hug just because they liked me and it honestly made me so happy.

What is your favorite place at TCBC?

TC Falls. It’s so serene and relaxing, and just a beautiful place to meet with God.

What staff member has had the biggest impact on you?

There are too many!

How would you explain working at TCBC to people who have never done it before?

It’s a community of people who really love Jesus and want to serve Him by serving kids. It’s an incredible experience & I can guarantee that God will use it to change your life.

What are some of the weirdest or funniest things a camper has said or done to you?

A camper once said that I kind of look like Craze and I’ve never been so honored in my life.

What makes working at camp so fun?

The people. Hanging out with kids is a blast, and people who love Jesus are so much fun to be around.

Would you recommend working at camp to someone?

ABSOLUTELY! I can guarantee that God will use it to change your life.

Any last words?


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