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How old are you?


Did you go to TCBC as a camper? If so, how many years?

Yes. 8 years as a camper.

How did you hear about TCBC?

Girls at my elementary school went, so I did too!

How did you decide on your camp name?

I was sitting in the staff meeting and had no idea what to choose. I have blonde hair so it seemed to fit.

Do you ever wish people called you by your camp name outside of camp?

I love when campers call me by my camp name outside of camp!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I am majoring in education and Spanish. I want to be a teacher!

If you were stranded on an island and had to pick 3 TCBC staff members to rescue you, who would it be and why?

I would pick Gingersnap because she knows how to calm me down, Swazi because she’s good at organizing and making plans and Lumber because he is strong and could hurt anything that tries to hurt me.

What are some of your favorite things about TCBC?

I love fireside, chapel and the quality time that I get to spend with my campers and my best friends. Trout Creek is a place where I have formed some of my best relationships and a place where I have had the chance to tell people about Jesus. There is no other place where I get to hang out with 13 new kids every week and love on them.

What's your favorite activity at camp?

My favorite activity at camp is canoeing. I love canoeing out as far as I can with my campers, it brings the most laughs and good conversations.

What is one of your favorite camp songs?

My favorite camp song is “King Jesus is All”. It’s so fun to do the motions and sing super loud with my campers.

What is your favorite camp skit?

My favorite camp skit is the Joy Ball skit. I love asking people what color their joy ball is.

What is your favorite camp meal?

My favorite camp meal is Chicken Cordon Bleu with cheesecake. My campers know how excited I get on cheesecake night, it’s the best night of the week.

What is your favorite game we play at camp?

I love playing Diamond Smugglers.

What spiritual truths have you been learning about lately?

I have been learning about God’s goodness and justice and how those two things intersect. This has always been hard for me to understand, I feel like I know what God should and should not be okay with and how He should punish people, but that’s not how it works. God has a plan for everyone and everything and this plan is good but God is also a just God and He will make things right in the end, I just have to trust Him with this.

What has God been saying to you lately?

God has been telling me how loved I am. I work really hard to love and care for others and often times I don’t love myself. He is doing this through the kindness of others and the time He gives me to be with Him.

Share with us a God-moment camper story that you have seen or been a part of:

I have seen my campers encounter Jesus in completely new ways at camp. I was sitting with a camper outside of the lodge and she was telling me about her intense anxiety, which is something I have personal experience with. It was amazing to tell her about how God wants to take her anxiety away and replace it with peace and joy. I prayed for her, asking God to replace her anxiety with joy and peace in every situation. A couple weeks later I got a text from her and she told me about all of the verses she had found that have changed the way she saw Jesus. The Lord had worked in her life and she said that she was learning how to give Jesus everything she was worried about.

How has your life been transformed by working at camp?

My life has completely changed by working at camp. In summer 2016 I was on crew. This is where I met Jesus and learned who He is and who He wants me to be. From that summer on I have learned about my identity in Christ, what it means to live in community with other believers and how to give Jesus everything that is on my heart. The Lord has worked through camp to change my life completely, every summer I leave learning a little bit more about how to depend on him in every circumstance. He loves me so much and He has shown that love through TCBC.

What are some awesome ways God has moved at camp that you've seen or been a part of?

Most weeks I have one or two campers who are going through something that I personally have gone through. These are my favorite moments because I knew Jesus was at work putting those girls in my cabin. Being able to tell my campers that they are not alone and that I have been there before as well. I get the opportunity to share the promises that the Lord makes and how to depend on Jesus in those situations.

What has God been teaching you lately?

God has been teaching me how to take care of myself and the people around me. I like to take care of everyone else, but not myself. That hasn’t been going too well. Jesus loves me, not just the people around me and He wants me to find rest in him. This means trusting Him with everything and spending time to just sit with the Lord. I don’t have to read my Bible and listen to worship music every time I want to be with Jesus, I can just be and that is enough.

What is a Bible verse that you keep going back to lately? What is it teaching you?

I keep going back to Matthew 28:19-20 where Jesus is talking to his disciples telling them that even though He won’t be on earth anymore, He will always be with them. In this season of my life it is something I take comfort in. I am living in many different places, doing so many different things, meeting a crazy amount of people but even still Jesus is with me. He is with me when I walk to class, when I am sitting in my room alone and even when I don’t feel Him. It’s a simple truth but one that I take comfort in.

What is one embarrassing camp moment that you've experienced?

One night we were playing the Yeti game and if you were hit by a flashlight you and your whole cabin had to go back to the cabin circle because it means you were caught by the army. Me and my girls were so close to catching the Yeti, it was dark and we were being so sly. Powerade comes along with a flashlight (he wasn’t supposed to have one, he was trying to find his cabin). As a joke he kept hitting my cabin with the flashlight and my girls freaked out everytime thinking that we were caught, when really it was just Powerade trying to be funny. This happened quite a few times and I had asked him to stop but he thought it was funny so he kept doing it. A few minutes later I get fed up and I said loudly, “Powerade… I have never had strong feelings for you until right now!’ (meaning the negative kind, because I was annoyed). Well apparently I said this a little bit too loud because the next thing I know 20 plus campers are yelling about how Goldilocks is in love with Powerade… This joke continued all week with my campers. Super awkward and embarrassing. Powerade and I are all good now, no more strong feelings.

What is one of your fondest memories from working on staff?

My crew summer me and a couple of my friends would go to the canoe dock at night and look at the stars and talk about life. To this day I still think about the relationships that I formed crew summer and how good God is for giving me the quality time I had with them. Crew 16!!!

What is your favorite place at TCBC? Why?

My favorite place at TCBC is Canoe Docks. It is my favorite place to go and be with Jesus. There is no cell service or noise at all. I go sit, read my Bible and look out at God’s creation.

What staff member has had the biggest impact on you at TCBC?

Ombligo was my crew leader in 2016 and that woman is a woman of God. She has shown me what it looks like to love everyone fully and completely because they are children of God. She was also my dean in 2018 and continued to be one of my biggest support systems. She has shown me what patience, love and joy from the Lord look like. She never fails to make me laugh and smile, she got married in September and that was one of the best days of my life because she was so joyful.

How would you explain working at TCBC to people who have never done it before?

Working at camp is giving up your summer to serve Jesus and learn more about him. All you have to do is be willing to work and serve wherever the Lord wants you to. No matter where you are on staff, you will be used to impact camper and staff lives. It is one of the best experiences ever, you will not regret it.

What jobs have you had at camp?

I was on crew in 2016, a CIT in 17 and 18, and then a Counselor 19.

What is the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part of the job is taking care of yourself. I get caught up in making sure that my friends are okay and my campers are okay and I forget to take care of myself. Take care of yourself otherwise you can’t take care of other people!!

What do you love about your job?

I love being able to connect with campers. Each girl that comes to camp is so unique and has a story that is so important. I love teaching them how Jesus can transform their life, no matter where they are at.

What makes working at camp so fun?

The people at camp are the best!! I have met my best friends at camp. Every position at camp whether it be crew, program or counselor is so important and is filled with amazing people. You get to learn from each other and minister to each other for a whole summer. The relationships I have made at camp are unlike any other relationship because they are rooted in Jesus.

Would you recommend working at camp to someone? Why?

Work at camp!! Working at camp is one of the best decisions I have ever made! At camp you meet some of the most loving, genuine and fun people ever. You get 10 free soft serves, free access to the canoe dock (the best place ever to read your Bible) and you get to learn so much about Jesus. I promise you will not regret it. It is a place where I have seen Jesus work tangibly and he works through every single staff member. I never though a single place could change my life in such a big way. WORK AT CAMP!!!