Meet  Lala!!

Summer 2018 was her 5th summer on staff! We love Lala & can’t wait for you to get to know her!!

How old are you? 20

Did you go to TCBC as a camper? If so, how many years? 

yes! I went for 8 summers!

What is your camp name?


How did you decide on your camp name? Is there a story behind it?

LaLa was a nickname I had as a little kid, and honestly I’m too un-creative to come up with anything else! I also play the flute and piano, so I suppose it fits the musical side of me.

What are some of your favorite things about TCBC? 

I love the beautiful setting it’s in. I love the traditions that have been handed down to me since I was a camper. The joy that everything has Fireside.

What’s your favorite activity at camp?

I love whenever we have water fights! And TC Live!

What is your favorite camp skit?

Important Papers. It’s been my favorite since I was a super little junior camper.

What is your favorite game we play at camp? 

Wells Fargo!

Share with us a God-moment camper story that you have seen or been a part of…

I remember my second CIT summer, I had a cabin of girls from my town, and I bonded with them so much. I had deep conversations with a few of them, and it was hard to hear their stories sometimes. I got the beautiful opportunity to keep walking with them in life after the summer ended (since they live in my town), and now, even three years later, I’m still in contact with them regularly. Some of them were even on crew this summer! It’s been so cool to see how their faith has completely transformed and grown these last couple of years, and to see that they are now sharing that with others at camp.

How has your life been transformed by working at camp?

I’ve found my best friends while working at camp! I had never experienced a community so grounded in Christ. They know me deeply, love me constantly, and they push me to grow more into who God made me to be. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without their support.
Similarly, camp was the first time I felt like I got to live out the Great Commission in Matthew 28. It’s one thing to say that you believe in Jesus, but it’s a whole different thing to sacrifice your entire summer to serve kids and help know that they are unconditionally loved by God as well.

How has your life been impacted or transformed during or after working at camp?

Camp really taught me what it looks like to have a servant’s heart. As I’ve headed off to college, I’ve been able to tangibly reflect on how my time at Trout Creek taught me how to intentionally pursue relationships, how to create time for God in my life, how to live in a supportive community, and how to make myself uncomfortable in the hope of bringing others to Christ. I would not be so centered on faith here at college without my time at Trout Creek.

What has God been teaching you lately?

God has been teaching me about rest! I’ve realized that I am trying to do so much, but not allowing myself time to be with the Father and be filled by Him. I’m learning the importance of accepting my limitations and realizing that I’ll never be able to do everything, because I am not God. If i don’t take time to rest, I’ll be on empty, so it will be hard for me to love others well and pour into them.

What is a Bible verse that you keep going back to lately? What is it teaching you?

I’ve been going back to the story in John 6 about Jesus feeding the 5000. I just think it is so beautiful! Jesus asked the disciples to feed so many people, and they told him “Jesus, there’s no way we can do this.” But they offered Jesus the little they had, five loaves and two fish, and Jesus took that and performed a miracle!
I’ve been reflecting lately on how I feel so insufficient to accomplish everything in my life, yet that is the point! It’s only when I bring my “loaves and fishes” to Jesus and tell Him to make something out of it that I can accomplish great things.

How did you hear about TCBC?

My dad was a camper for three summers in the 80’s!! Crazy stuff.

What is one embarrassing camp moment that you’ve experienced?

I hosted TC Live this summer, and my friends tricked me into doing a bunch of embarrassing things in my minion onesie for the opening video. I had no idea until the video played right before we went on stage!

What staff member has had the biggest impact on you at TCBC?


How many years have you worked at camp?

Five summers!

What jobs have you had at camp?

Crew 2014, CIT 2015-16, Counselor 2017-18

What was your latest job at camp?

I was a part time counselor this last summer.

What do you love about your job?

I get to spend my summer hanging out with kids in nature and telling them about Jesus! I mean how is that even real life?? It’s the best.

What is the hardest part of your job?

I’m not a very patient person, and campers require a LOT of patience. It’s definitely been a learning process, and I still struggle with it.

Would you recommend working at camp to someone? Why?

YES DO IT! You will form a deep community of believers unlike anyone you’ve met, you’ll get to have awesome conversations with kids about Christ, and you’ll be challenged to grow so much in your faith.

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