Find a Position that fits You!


… Volunteer Positions … 

People who are in College or beyond:

Leadershipsupervise & disciple counselors, CIT’s, crew, & program staff

People who have completed High School or beyond:

Counselor: supervise cabin groups and lead a daily Bible Study 

People who have completed 10th Grade:

CIT (Counselor-In-Training): assist counselor with cabin groups and help work daily activities

People who have completed 9th Grade:

Crew: washing, cleaning and maintaining camp facilities 

Program Staff – Craft Director, Lifeguard, Videographer, Photographer, Rec Staff, Kitchen Crew, Go Kart Pit Krew: assist & supervise campers in a variety of activities (some positions require being older)


… Paid Positions …

People who have completed High School or beyond:

Cooksserve as one of the camp cooks for the summer

People who have Medical Certifications:

Camp Nurse: serve as the nurse for the summer


Read my Bible more

TCBC made me want to read my Bible more, and now, even after camp, I am reading the Bible on my own time, which I never used to do.

Rec Staff & Lifeguard

Changed my life!

Camp has changed my life. God exists and moves everywhere on this earth, but something definitely feels special about this place.

Guy Counselor

Counselor Men!

I loved working with the Counselor Men! The bond I had with each and every one of those men was unprecedented. They supported me through the thick and thin, the ups and downs of camp life.

Guy Counselor

My life has been Transformed

My life has been transformed because I have learned that I am fully loved by God and I have such a good community of people around me. My problems are not a burden to my staff friends. They want to help me, love me and support me through every problem that I face. Best of all, they direct me towards Jesus. The community at camp has been absolutely life changing.

Girl CIT

Best Friends

Meeting some of my best friends in the world, and having real conversations with them about life, faith, and everything in-between!

Guy Counselor

Love my campers!

I love being given the chance to love my campers as Jesus would love them. I want each of them to know that they have at least one person who truly loves them, supports them and is here to point them towards Christ. My relationships with my campers are so impactful.

Girl CIT